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June 8-9 | 2024

Modern Teaching
. V10

International Online Conference


Our mission: to make modern teaching methods accessible.


Nataliia Havryliuk

Social Media Coordinator

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WinWin Manager

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Certificates Director 

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Anna Gerun

(CEO WinWin Education)

Project Manager, Financial Director

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Dariia Oliinyk

(CEO be_superteacher)
Project Manager, Creative Director

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Yuliia Amielina

Marketing Director

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What shall we talk about
Day 1

Anastasia Shvets

09:30 - 10:30 Kyiv time

The Hidden Magic of Reused Activities

Discover how reusing activities can enhance student engagement and learning outcomes. Learn practical strategies to repurpose and adapt activities for different language levels. Unlock the hidden magic of reused activities and take your ESL teaching to the next level.

Maria-Araxi Sachpazian

10:45 - 11:45 Kyiv time

Class Management for Unruly Teenagers  

This session aims to explore the challenges related with keeping teenagers (especially those who are unruly) engaged and cooperative during the lesson. In our session we will discuss
a) Why are some teenagers so hard to approach – This will also open the way to discuss issues related with extreme demotivation and reaction formation.
b) What teachers can do when meeting these teenagers.
c) Indicative outcomes of disruptive behaviour and how they affect the learning of the class.
d) Working one-to-one with uncooperative teenagers  
e) Establishing common ground with teenagers

Georgia Papamichailidou

12:00 - 13:30 Kyiv time

Unlocking the AI Potential in the ELT Classroom (work in breakout rooms)


photo_2024-05-03 10.05.35.jpeg

Inna Kosoriga

14:00- 15:00 Kyiv time

How to Turn on Intrinsic Motivation for Improvement of Learning Effectiveness

• What is intrinsic motivation and how it affects our lives.
• Why do people study? Purpose, goals, drivers, expectations.
• Role of incentives and rewards in learning and development.
• Effective teaching approaches to turn on intrinsic motivation (Pull Vs. Push, Problem-Based Learning).
• Key success factors for creating a student-centered teaching strategy.

Rob Howard

15:15 - 16:45 Kyiv time

The Best AI Technology for your Classroom is You

There is a frenzy to adopt AI technology as a teaching tool. The fact is, there is no recent research demonstrating that AI, technology, or gamification enhances learning or retention. On top of that, we are not only showing students the power of AI, but we are training the AI apps we use to replace us. Before you succumb to the trend, come hear why you still are the best tool for your classroom.

Day 2

Dorothy Zemach

9:00 - 10:00 Kyiv time

Is It Possible to Prepare for the Future?

Technology is changing so fast these days, teachers can feel overwhelmed trying to keep up. Prepare for the future? It’s hard enough to prepare for the present! But while it’s true that some things are constantly changing, other things are not—like the place of language in society and the importance of education and teachers. We’ll look at ways to analyze changes in how language is being used in order to update our curriculum and even teaching approaches and activities.

Dariia Oliinyk

10:15 - 11:15 Kyiv time

Unleashing Potential: The Power of Continuous Learning for English Educators

This session offers a comprehensive overview of the vast array of opportunities available for educators. Whether you're a seasoned educator or just starting your journey, this session provides valuable insights and resources to enrich your teaching practice and advance your professional growth.

Hugh Dellar

11:45 - 13:15 Kyiv time

Mediation and Сoursebook Writing: Benefits and Issues 

In this presentation I will talk about my experience as a writer of incorporating mediation into coursebook materials – mainly the new edition of Outcomes (National Geographic Learning). I will discuss what I see as the real benefits of placing mediation front and centre as you write, while at the same time how it has raised a host of issues for me around level, the way the CEFR is used and how (even if) the skill of mediation can be taught and tested.

Hugh Dellar

13:45 - 15:15 Kyiv time

Teaching Grammar Lexically (work in breakout rooms)

In this session, we'll explore a few pages from one of the most traditional grammar-oriented books on the market and look at how to get the most out of a grammar lesson from a lexical perspective.

Bartosz Prokop

15:15 - 15:45 Kyiv time

Utilizing the power of AI in English Assessment at EnglishScore

This session from British Council EnglishScore will explore how Artificial Intelligence is innovating English Language assessment for universities and schools.

Attendees will learn how a recognized mobile English test uses AI to ensure the assessment is accurate and reliable. This includes using AI to deter cheating and aid in scoring productive skills such as speaking and writing.

EnglishScore is the only four skills test delivered on a mobile phone, making it the most convenient and accessible recognised English test in the world.

We invited the best Ukrainian and International speakers to share their own experience with you


Dariia Oliinyk

Unleashing Potential: The Power of Continuous Learning for English Educators



C1 Advanced (Kyiv), C2 Proficiency (Kyiv), TKT Module 1,2 (Kyiv), CELTA (Kyiv), Masters in English Language and Foreign Literature (Zhytomyr).

  • an English teacher since 2013;

  • a teacher trainer since 2017;

  • specialising in working with adults and exam preparation;

  • a former Academic Director of a Cambridge center (2018-2020);

  • an inspiring blogger be_superteacher;

  • a conference organiser.


Georgia K. Papamichailidou

Unlocking the AI Potential in the ELT Classroom


MA in Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language from the University of Birmingham, UK


  • an EFL English teacher since 2005; 

  • a teacher trainer  teacher training, having an extensive experience in delivering professional development sessions publicly across Europe and online;

  • an Assistant Director of Studies at Kaplan International English Bournemouth;

  • awarded with the Kaplan Way Leadership award for creating and delivering a new high-quality course based on CLIL Teaching Methodology;

  • specialising in teacher training course design and materials writing.


Dorothy Zemach

Is It Possible to Prepare for the Future?


MA in TESL from the School for International Training in Vermont, USA


  • taught ESL and other foreign languages for over 20 years, in Asia, Africa, and the US;

  • now she concentrates on writing, editing, and publishing ELT materials and textbooks and conducting teacher training workshops;

  • her areas of specialty and interest are teaching writing, teaching reading, academic English, testing, and humor;

  • a frequent plenary speaker at international conferences and is active on social media;

  •  in 2012, Dorothy launched Wayzgoose Press, a small independent publishing imprint for fiction, non-fiction, and educational materials.

Professional Photo MS.jpg

Maria-Araxi Sachpazian

Class Management for Unruly Teenagers  


BA in Education from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, a CEELT II and the Royal Society of Arts  Diploma for Oversees Teachers of English (3 distinctions) from the University of Cambridge


  • a practicing EFL Teacher and a Lecturer in the Department of Humanities of CITY College, University of York Europe Campus;

  • the owner and Managing Director of Input on Education (a company that provides Academic and Business support services for foreign language schools);

  • a conference speaker and writer of articles related to her special research interests which are materials evaluation and adaptation, digital teaching, and the construction of teacher identity;

  • from April 2023 Maria serves on the board of IATEFL as Secretary General and is the Chair of TESOL Macedonia-Thrace, Northern Greece.


Rob Howard

The Best AI Technology for your Classroom is You


iTDi TOEFL trainer, writer on business English


  • Business Language Training Institute owner

  • EFLtalks founder, a teacher, trainer, coach, writer on business English, entrepreneurship, one-to-one, and online teaching.

  • IATEFL BESIG Joint Coordinator

  • Gallery Teachers Masterclass presenter

  • iTDi TOEFL trainer, and Independent Authors & Publishers co-founder.  


Hugh Dellar

Mediation and Сoursebook Writing: Benefits and Issues 


Bachelor in English Literature, Masters in TESOL, CELTA, DELTA (Double Distinction).


  • a teacher and teacher trainer with over twenty-five years' experience in the field;

  • the co-founder of the online school and training company Lexical Lab;

  • co-authored two five-level General English series, Outcomes and Innovations, both published by National Geographic Learning, as well as one level of the high-school series Perspectives;

  • the author of Teaching Lexically (Delta Publishing, 2016);

  • has worked on two levels of the new Pearson General English series, Roadmap.

Modern teaching methods Volume 6 (3).png

Anastasiia Shvets

The Hidden Magic of Reused Activities


C1 Advanced (Kyiv), TKT Module 1,2,3, CLIL (Zhytomyr), Specialist in English Language and Foreign Literature (Zhytomyr)


  • ESL teacher;

  •  international examiner; 

  • teacher trainer;

  • academic manager; 

  • work with all ages and levels of students, create educational programs


Inna Kosoriga

How to Turn on Intrinsic Motivation for Improvement of Learning Effectiveness


Management Consultant, Business Coach, MBA


  • 20+ years in strategic HR management and organizational development;

  • 8+ years of work at HR Director role in the large companies (INTERPIPE, 1.Inc, Nova Poshta);

  • 9+ years of running own business in consultancy and providing corporate Learning & Development programs for managers;

  • Co-founder and partner at Wise Energy Group, HR2B, IVA MICE;

  • Teacher of the courses on HR management, organizational development, change management (Kyiv National Economic University, European Business Association, Kyiv-Mohyla Business School).


Bartosz Prokop

Utilizing the power of AI in English Assessment at EnglishScore


  • the Head of Business Development, Europe at British Council EnglishScore (British Council’s mobile test and certificate of English for employment). 

  • supports HEIs, schools and corporate organisations across the region enabling them to test high volumes of students and equip them with a globally respected certificate.

  • has 15-year experience in language teaching and testing. Edtech solutions enthusiast.


What shall we talk about


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June 8-9 | 2024



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Participation in the conference with 2 colleagues
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June 8-9 | 2024


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Speakers from previous conferences

Feedback from our participants

Студийный портрет

Sigita Magyar-Žilinskaitė

I absolutely loved the conference. The discussed topics were very interesting and useful, I really appreciate that. To improve in the future maybe it would be nice to hear more speakers from different countries and to hear about their experience in teaching.

Image by Navid Sohrabi

Olha Vnuk

I really enjoyed this conference. Also, this was my first time, but frankly speaking, it was such a pleasure! Bravo❤️

Image by Megan Rose

Kateryna Bondarenko

The event is great! And thanks a lot for providing the recordings! Couldn’t attend all the speeches because of work, but thanks to the recordings I’m still able to get all the info❤️


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