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February 10-11 | 2024

Modern Teaching
. V9

International Online Conference


Our mission: to make modern teaching methods accessible.


Nataliia Havryliuk

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Anna Gerun

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Dariia Oliinyk

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Yuliia Amielina

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What shall we talk about
Day 1

Hugh Dellar

11:00 - 12:15 Kyiv time

Following the Patterns: Colligation and the Necessity of a Bottom-up Approach to Grammar

While the idea of collocation – words which often go with often words – has become commonplace in English Language Teaching, the idea of colligation – the grammatical patterns that frequently go with particular words – has yet to have much impact, despite being around for over half a century. In this talk, I'll be suggesting that an understanding of this crucial concept will revolutionize the way you think about grammar – and lead to better teaching and learning!

Anastasia Shvets

13:50 - 14:50 Kyiv time

Fun Lessons in One Click

Learn how to make your ESL/EFL lessons exciting and save time. Discover simple tech tools (and not only)  that bring joy to your classroom and reduce your prep time—all with just one click. Join us for practical tips on making ESL/EFL teaching more fun and efficient!

Yuliia Ostryzhko

12:45 - 13:45 Kyiv time

Praise as a Motivational Tool

Praise is a key tool for increasing motivation. It might change the brain structure if using it wisely.  On this webinar we’ll talk about social narratives about praise, brain activities responsible for motivation and achieving goals, and how to use praise to increase motivation.

Jon Hird

15:00- 16:15 Kyiv time

What’s It Mean: It’s Different, Spoken Grammar?

The grammar of spoken English is in a number of ways different from the grammar of written English, which is much of the grammar that learners are generally taught. This practical session considers some key features of spoken grammar and explores how we can introduce this into our teaching to help our learners better understand and use it.

Bonus Kseniia Shokalo 

16:30 - 17:30 Kyiv time

Making Vocabulary Memorable: Strategies for Long-term Retention

In this hands-on session, we are going to explore the art of vocabulary recycling. We will rely on the three pillars essential for maximizing retention and acquisition in language learning: sufficient input, communicative tasks, and noticing skills. Get ready to dive into four engaging tasks that you can effortlessly integrate into your lessons, starting as soon as next Monday. Let’s roll up our sleeves together and bring some fresh approaches to our classrooms!

Day 2

Georgia Papamichailidou

10:00 - 11:30 Kyiv time

Beyond the Letters: Effective Spelling Techniques

In this session, we will explore approaches and strategies crafted to enhance spelling proficiency. Uncover a variety of techniques that can assist your students in mastering spelling skills. Illuminate the secrets behind effective spelling, elevating language education into a dynamic and empowering experience.

Chris Reese

11:45 - 12:45 Kyiv time

Child-friendly Teaching and Learning

Teaching children has its own specific sets of challenges and rewards. Unfortunately, many teachers who work with children do so after being initially qualified to work with adults and may rely mostly on their experience and intuition when working with children. This can be very effective, but it often leads to questions like “Why won’t they speak to each other?”, “Why can’t they sit still and focus?” or “Why do they forget things we just talked about 5 minutes ago?”.  In this session, we’re going to look in closer detail at how primary and secondary students learn languages, and how we can adjust or teaching, practice, and assessment to create an environment where children can succeed to the best of their potential.

Inna Kosoriga

13:00 - 14:00 Kyiv time

Personal Resource Management for Being Successful in Work and Life

Are you happy with your efficiency and effectiveness? Does your working routine help you in reaching your own goals? How can you enhance your daily performance and achieve the desired results? 
Learn how to make the most of your time, energy, skill, and motivation to reach the goals you set for yourself.

Dariia Oliinyk

14:15 - 15:15 Kyiv time

Exam Preparation Toolkit

This session will cover a variety of effective exam preparation activities and best practices to empower students in navigating exams with confidence. Whether you are seeking to enhance your teaching toolkit or preparing for language assessments, expect to gain valuable perspectives and actionable tips. Unlock the keys to successful exam preparation in this informative session.

We invited the best Ukrainian and International speakers to share their own experience with you


Dariia Oliinyk

Exam Preparation Toolkit



C1 Advanced (Kyiv), C2 Proficiency (Kyiv), TKT Module 1,2 (Kyiv), CELTA (Kyiv), Masters in English Language and Foreign Literature (Zhytomyr).

  • an English teacher since 2013;

  • a teacher trainer since 2017;

  • specialising in working with adults and exam preparation;

  • a former Academic Director of a Cambridge center (2018-2020);

  • an inspiring blogger be_superteacher;

  • a conference organiser.


Georgia K. Papamichailidou

Beyond the Letters: Effective Spelling Techniques


MA in Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language from the University of Birmingham, UK


  • an EFL English teacher since 2005; 

  • a teacher trainer  teacher training, having an extensive experience in delivering professional development sessions publicly across Europe and online;

  • an Assistant Director of Studies at Kaplan International English Bournemouth;

  • awarded with the Kaplan Way Leadership award for creating and delivering a new high-quality course based on CLIL Teaching Methodology;

  • specialising in teacher training course design and materials writing.

photo_2024-01-22 21.54.45.jpeg

Chris Reese

Child-friendly Teaching and Learning


CELTA,  DELTA Module 1,2,3, Bachelor in Anthropology (the University of Tennessee).


  • a teacher trainer who has worked with teachers from over 20 countries;

  • CELTA, CELT-P/S, DELTA Module 1 Trainer; 

  • an academic manager with experience running language programmes in both Europe and Asia;

  • co-author of ZNO Booster: Coursebook for preparation for school-leaving exam in Ukraine;

photo_2024-01-15 20.25.55.jpeg

Jon Hird

What’s It Mean: It’s Different, Spoken Grammar?




  • a teacher, teacher trainer and ELT materials writer based in Oxford, UK;

  • has written and contributed to a number of ELT publications for a range of ELT publishers, including grammar, course book and other resource material. Among them: Oxford EAP B1 (2015), Grammar and Vocabulary for the Real World (2015), Oxford Learner’s Pocket Verbs and Tenses (2013), The Complete English Grammar (2010), Language Hub: Pre-intermediate Student's Book (2019), Move Advanced: Teacher's Book (2007), Inside Out Elementary. Grammar Companion (2014), Inside Out Upper-Intermediate. Grammar Companion (2006), New American Inside Out Advanced Workbook (2010);

  • teaches grammar, professional and diplomatic English and EAP at the University of Oxford;

  • frequently gives talks and workshops in the UK and overseas.


Kseniia Shokalo 

Making Vocabulary Memorable: Strategies for Long-term Retention


TESOL, TKT M1,2,3 (Kyiv), CELTA (Kyiv)


  • a dedicated educator primarily focused on adult education and the corporate sector;

  • 11 years of teaching experience;

  • over 7 years as the CEO and Director of Studies at the own language school;

  • volunteered as an English teacher in Thai villages;

  • integrates the lexical approach, elements of Content and Language Integrated Learning, and Task-Based Learning;

  • a dynamic teacher trainer, conducting her own sessions and speaking at international conferences in Croatia, Poland, Serbia, Hungary, Georgia, and Moldova.


Hugh Dellar

Following the Patterns: Colligation and the Necessity of a Bottom-up Approach to Grammar


Bachelor in English Literature, Masters in TESOL, CELTA, DELTA (Double Distinction).


  • a teacher and teacher trainer with over twenty-five years' experience in the field;

  • the co-founder of the online school and training company Lexical Lab;

  • co-authored two five-level General English series, Outcomes and Innovations, both published by National Geographic Learning, as well as one level of the high-school series Perspectives;

  • the author of Teaching Lexically (Delta Publishing, 2016);

  • has worked on two levels of the new Pearson General English series, Roadmap.


Yuliia Ostryzhko

Praise as a Motivational Tool


Masters in Clinical Psychology 


  • a psychologist and psychotherapist since 2017, helping people coping with stress, anxiety disorders, depression symptoms and interpersonal difficulties;

  • using the following methods in psychotherapy: CBT, schema therapy, emotional focused therapy, narrative therapy;

  • conducting workshops about mental health for IT companies.

Modern teaching methods Volume 6 (3).png

Anastasiia Shvets

Fun Lessons in One Click


C1 Advanced (Kyiv), TKT Module 1,2,3, CLIL (Zhytomyr), Specialist in English Language and Foreign Literature (Zhytomyr)


  • ESL teacher;

  •  international examiner; 

  • teacher trainer;

  • academic manager; 

  • work with all ages and levels of students, create educational programs


Inna Kosoriga

Personal resource management for being successful in work and life


Management Consultant, Business Coach, MBA


  • 20+ years in strategic HR management and organizational development;

  • 8+ years of work at HR Director role in the large companies (INTERPIPE, 1.Inc, Nova Poshta);

  • 9+ years of running own business in consultancy and providing corporate Learning & Development programs for managers;

  • Co-founder and partner at Wise Energy Group, HR2B, IVA MICE;

  • Teacher of the courses on HR management, organizational development, change management (Kyiv National Economic University, European Business Association, Kyiv-Mohyla Business School).


What shall we talk about


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February 10-11 | 2024



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February 10-11 | 2024



Participation in the conference with 2 colleagues
€70 each + the access to recordings
for 2 month

February 10-11 | 2024


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Speakers from previous conferences

Feedback from our participants

Студийный портрет

Sigita Magyar-Žilinskaitė

I absolutely loved the conference. The discussed topics were very interesting and useful, I really appreciate that. To improve in the future maybe it would be nice to hear more speakers from different countries and to hear about their experience in teaching.

Image by Navid Sohrabi

Olha Vnuk

I really enjoyed this conference. Also, this was my first time, but frankly speaking, it was such a pleasure! Bravo❤️

Image by Megan Rose

Kateryna Bondarenko

The event is great! And thanks a lot for providing the recordings! Couldn’t attend all the speeches because of work, but thanks to the recordings I’m still able to get all the info❤️


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